By USPA Media

Saturday & Sunday -CMC rally

Rally drivers return in action on Saturday and Sunday 9th-10th of March Central Motor Club (CMC) Challenge rally with focus on safety.

The second round of the National Rally Championship –NRC- is expected to have 80percent closed route which calls for speed.

“The sections are tight, but we expect it to be a tight and fast event because it has almost 80 percent closed routes,” Clerk of the course (COC) David Nsobya noted. Praclos Hotel in Mukono.

 “We had to remove the sections that goes through trading centres like Kayanja to meet safety Purposes. Now what we have is 80 percent closed routes,” Nsobya said. 

The rally covers a total distance of 217kms of which 143.2kms are competitive and has attracted all the top crews including, former National rally champions, Dr. Ashraf Ahmed, Christakis Fitidis, Arthur Blick Jr., Jas Mangat,Ronald Ssebuguzi and reigning champion Suzan Muwonge.

The rally will have scrutineering on Saturday morning at shell Mukono, before heading for a super special stage at Festino cite where the drivers will show case in 4.6kms.

Then cars will head at Grand Praclos Hotel where they will spend a night.

On Sunday morning crews will take the fight in the sections of Namerere, Nakapinyi and Nandagi that will be repeated twice.


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