Uganda Sports Press Association (USPA) was founded in 1970 and has through the years recognised and awarded excelling sports personalities of each year. Winning the coveted USPA Award has since become every sports personality’s dream, and in the process the awards have brought the best out of sportsmen and women.

On April Friday 5, USPA will yet again award the outstanding sports personalities of 2018 at a glamourous function which will be held at Imperial Royale Hotel. Apart from the glamour which has been changing since 1970, there is something that will happen for the first time.

We are involving the fans in choosing the overall sports personality of the year. There are four choices to choose from – Netballer Lillian Ajio, Rugby star Phillip Wokorach, Uganda Cranes captain Denis Onyango and
Commonwealth Games double gold medalist JJoshua Cheptegei. The winner of the category will be announced on the gala night together with all the others.

USPA members will vote for their overall winner and that will remain the biggest award of the night. But as an association we are delighted to know what the general public thinks about the performances of those three gentlemen and lady.

The parameters used by sports journalists to decide the winner are obviously different from those of a normal fan. USPA members go through all the data available about sportsmen and women’s performances through their year, and after thorough scrutiny they choose a winner. It’s important for us to know the choice of the people that we serve.

Apart from that, we are also going to invite some fans to the awards ceremony, these are going to be invited through our sponsors’ (Nile Special) social media platforms, we are excited to celebrate with them the sporting achievements of 2018.

It’s exciting to see the excitement that has been created by the online poll and we are delighted to break the norm and involve the fans because without them, the sports industry cannot survive.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating the sporting successes of 2018.

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