UCU team at the MO Kolthoom hotel. The hotel was much below standards.PHOTO Kinthan Images

By USPA media  in Cairo

2019 Men’s Africa Volleyball Club Championship- Draws

Pool A: Ahly (EGY), Injis (CIV), Police 6 (BOT), Mugher (ETH) and Ahly Tripoli (LBA)

Pool B: Smouha (EGY), Gisagara (RWA), UCU (UGA) Gendarmarie (MAD), Etihad (LBA)

Pool C: Swehly (LBA), Rukinzo (BDI), Woliata (ETH), Prisons (KEN), Espoire (COD) and FAP (CMR)

Pool D: GSU (KEN), University (ZIM), AS Fag (GUI), Mwangaza(COD), Nemostars (UGA) and Asaria (LBA)

Today Fixtures:

9:00: University (ZIM) V Nemo Stars (UGA)

10:00: Mugher (ETH) V Police VI (BOT)

11:00: FAP (CMR) V VC Espoir (COD)

12:00: Asaria (LBA) V GSU (KEN)

13:00 Prisons (KEN) V Wolaita (ETH)

14:00 Al Swehly (LBA) V Rukinzo (BDI)

15:00 Gisagara (RWA) V UCU (UGA)

16:00 Smouha (EGY) V Gendarmarie (MED)

17:00 VC Mwangaza (COD) V AS FAG (GUI)

Uganda’s Nemo Stars open their campaign for the Continental honours this Monday morning against University of Zimbabwe in Africa Volleyball Club championship in Cairo.

The Uganda Champions will play the opening fixture of the tournament and Coach Andrew Okapis says his boys are ready for the challenge.

“We are ready and waiting for our opponents. What I want is just the boys getting focused to the game stay to our game plans,” Okapis noted.

Uganda’s second side the Uganda Christian University will play their opening game at 3pm against Gisagara of Rwanda in an East African affair show piece.

Uganda’s Nemo Stars at Mo Kolthoom Hotel in Cairo. The teams were not happy with the hotel theywe allocated. PHOTO BY Kinthan Images

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