Dr.Ashraf Ahmed in action durimng the CMC rally in Mukono. PHOTO BY Kinthan Images

By USPA media

All drivers to participate in the SMC challenge rally in Masaka due April 12-14, will have to undergo medical check-up at Ali Medical services in Old Kampala.

The mandatory medical checkup will ended on Sunday March 31,2019 and all drivers who passed it will be free to comprete in the SMC rally in Masaka.

Dr. Ashraf the 2008 National Rally Champion is a highly experienced medical practicing doctor that is offering a service to the Federation of Motorsport Clubs of Uganda (FMU).

The OiLibya fueled driver, will not only offer medical services to the drivers, but will be out to challenge his clients in the SMC Challenge rally in Masaka.

Whereas he may not be out to win the event, Dr. Ashraf is out to better his performance in the previous years.

Dr. Ashraf has been the most consistent driver in the Uganda rally events.

The Masaka event is the third round of the National rally championship is sponsored by SMK Garage, Tarvan Kick Club and Shell V-Power.


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