By USPA Media

Justice Dr. Henry Adonyo the Executive Director Judicial Training institute has urged the Uganda Olympic committee to partner with Justice ministry and Uganda law society to form the sports dispute resolution committee.

Adonyo made the appeal in his speech while officially opening the international sports Law Programme at Sheraton Hotel Kampala on Friday June 31,2019.

UOC Secretary General Dr. Donald Rukare and head of Legal Commision Moses Mwase (L) and 2nd eft during the International Sports Law Workshop at sheraton Hotel. PHOTO BY JOHNSON WERE

“I must admit that Uganda Judicial System is not much equipped with the sports Law knowledge and this leads to delay in decision taking in the sports related cases because there is a lot of research needed,” Justice Adonyo noted.

Justice Henry Adonyo addressing Participants in the International sports Law workshop at Sheraton Hotel Kampala. PHOTO BY JOHNSON WERE

The three-day workshop has attracted participants from 18 African countries together with sports law professor John White and sports lawyer Dev Kumar from Spain.

UOC president William Blick noted that the workshop is aimed at equipping Uganda judicial system with sports law which lead into the formation of an African sports Judicial system.


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