By Kasule Mubarak

Riders are in top form going by what has been happening in previous trainings and I expect good performances from most of them.

Gift is a doubt since he’s been out with a shoulder injury but this is likely to  give more room for others to showcase what they can do if he does not turn up for the fifth round of the Mountain Dew National motocross championship ,” added Maxime.

Alex Tusingwire, the Shell brand manager of oils and lubricants also promised to give riders fuel and oils on race day.

” We are here mainly because we want to add performance to all bikes of riders and the one reason we do this is because we want to help them show speeds with their machines and Shell V Power and Shell Oil Advance will be given to each rider on Saturday” Tusingwire noted.

Elizabeth Mutamuliza, the Mountain Dew brand manager said,” We are proud of partnering with the sport and our promise in this will be to give a way gifts for winners in each class” stated

Ntende Finance boosts female riders

This round will also see the girl child being boosted by fuel as an incentive from Ntende Finance.

“We have decided to partner with Motocross and mainly the girl child because most girls in the sport haven’t heard a chance to break through in a male dominated sport. We feel by offering fuel and other requirements for these girls to race better, “echoed Moreen Musimenta an officer at Ntende Finance. 

The round will be organised by Uganda Motocross Club.


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