By Kinthan Media

Transforming Kirinya Jinja Secondary School Football Club into a regional team is what has been bothering club president Diana Nyago, but achieving that by rebranding to Busoga United is a step which gives her confidence that the club holds a regional identity.

In the 2019/2020 season Kirinya will now be called Busoga United, a move FUFA executive endorsed.

Nyago who is also the head teacher of Headmistress of Jinja Secondary school noted that the move was undertaken to transform the club into a bigger and better brand.

“We thank all of you who have been with us along this journey right from the Secondary Schools Football team and through the stages of club to where we have reached,” Madam Nyago told the press.

“We transformed ourselves (the club) into a bigger and better brand. We had to rebrand ourselves so as we can get a wider fan base.

“We want to take our club beyond the gates of the school. We want to take it to the Busoga Kingdom because it’s our unifying factor,” she added.

Busoga United has been a formidable force since its promotion in the elite league as Kirinya Jinja Ss in the 2013/2014 season.

Busoga Kingdom is one of the Monarchies in Uganda comprising of the eastern bantu tribe called the Busoga and has eight districts including Kamuli, Bugiri, Mayuge, Jinja, Luuka, Iganga, Busiiki and Kaliro.

History of the Club:

The club started as a move to help former school students continue exercising the talents and in 2012 Nyago bought the Club from Kirinya Road Mechanics in Jinja to turn it into a school team.

Together with Fredrick Ngobi Gume, Yahaya Kawooma and Samuel Mugume started building the club which had been relegated to the FUFA Big League in the Eastern regional league.

The team under coach Abbey Kikomeko Bogere reached the regional finals but failed to make it to the Uganda premier league as it lost to KJT Rweshama and JMC in the play-offs.

However, the club persevered and in the 2015/2016 season, the club finally made it to the elite league after beating Wandegeya FC 3-2 in Kayanya courtesy of a late strike by Allan Drajua. END

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