By Kasule Mubarak.

Kylan Wekesa put up an exceptional performance during the six round of the Kenya Motorcross championship at Jamhuri track.

Kylan, who was a guest rider, made work hard for his closest competitor Alex Kandie winning all the three heats on the day in his 85 CC category.

Amos Wekesa, dad to the youngster, says he was so happy to see Kylan ride with caution and determination.

” He was outstanding on the track. He made right decisions at the right time and also made his competitors work hard while chasing.

It’s not easy winning at the Jamhuri track but he held his nerves in those three heats to finish top” added Amos.

Miguel Katende and Jonathan Katende also won their 50 CC and Peewee heats respectively.

George Semakula, father to the brothers, says he’s boys will be banking on this experience for a better outing while in Zimbabwe next month.

“I know we are getting closer to the Africa Nations Championship in Zimbabwe and this is a good preparation for us.

Boys are focused and all left is to ensure they carry this display to Zimbabwe” added Semakula.

Zion Wekesa could only manage finishing 10th in the peewee class.

The riders including Wekesa, Zion Wekesa, Miguel and Jonathan sponsored by Uganda lodges are currently in Naivasha undergoing training conducted by Jurgen Kuppers a German trainer based in Kenya.

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