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Pearl rally update

Day1super Special Stage results

1.Manvir Baryan / Drew Sturrock 03:17.0

2. Jas Mangat / Joseph Kamya 03:20.0

3 Hassan Alwi jr. / Sirajih Kyambadde 03:22.0

4.Dharam Pandya / Darber Ratanaveer 03:22.0

5. Yasin Nasser / Ali Katumba 03:23.0

6. Adam Rauf Essa/ Aaron Nsamba 03:26.0

 7.Arthur Blick jnr / George Ssemakula 03:27.5

8. Ronald Ssebuguzi / Leon Senyange 03:28.0

9. Omar Mayanja / Hussein Mukuye 03:30.0

10. Unissan Bakunda / Umar Kakande 03:33.0

11. Duncan Mubiru / Musa Nsubuga 03:33.6

12.Dr. Ashraf Mohamed / Shameer Yusuf 03:37.0

Rally driver Manvir Baryan made a strong statement that is not ready to surrender the Shell V-Power Pearl of Africa Rally trophy by winning the special stage in Busiika.

Dr. Ashraf Ahmed in action at the super Special stage. He was among the top 12crews. Virgin Images.

However local crews including Ambrose Byona aka Omunyeeto said it is not yet over and Manvir should wait celebrating.

“ He just won the battle, but the war is still on and ends tomorrow Saturday 5.30pm. We were mastering the car and taking it slow, but tomorrow it will be full throttle,” Byona said.

Jas Mangat navigated by Joseph Kamya are second trailing by three seconds while 2016 winner Hassan Alwi is in third position s in a tightly contested day one of the two-day rally.

Roanld Ssbuguzi powers his Mitsubishi Lancer Evo10 at the super Special Stage in Busiika, PHOTO BY Virgin Images

Manvir posted a total time loss of three minutes and 17 seconds, while Mangat had three minutes and seconds.

The Super Lady Camp had fan. Virgim Images

Ambrose Byona who returned a year sabbatical seemed to be learning the New Mitsubishi Evo10 who he driving for the first time.

Defending champion Manvir Baryan beat his opponents to take day by three seconds, his top rival Jas Mangat will be chasing in Kayunga on Saturday August 3,2019.

Jas Mangat negotiates acorner at the super Special stage in action . PHOTO BY Virgin Images.

Former winner Hassan Alwi finished third, while Tanzania crew Pandya Dharam was fourth ahead of the Moil team of Yasin Nasser.

The crews shift the fight on Saturday in Kayunga.

Ambrose Byona in action durimg the super Special stage. PHOTO BY JOHNSON WERE

UMOSPOC driver Ronald Ssebuguzi finished in eighth but is expected to better the performance in the competitive stages.

Omunyeeto Camp having fan. Virgin Images


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