Vision Group CEO adress the media at the launch of the Armed Forces Motocross Championship due october6, in Busiika.

Uganda will be the destination for the entire world as Uganda Motocross Club (UMX) hosts the inaugural Armed Forces Appreciation Motocross Championship in Busiika.

The event at the Uganda Motocross Arena Busiika on October 6, will have countries including USA, Isreal, France, Spain, German, Netherlands, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana.

Okee addressing the media at the launch of the Armed forces motocross Championship. PHOTO BY JOHNSON WERE

Proceeds will go to support schools and hospitals for armed forces including Army, Police, Prisons and Uganda Wildlife Authority and this has excited the government and the forces.

State minister for sports Charles Bakabulindi lauded the Federation of Motorsport Clubs of Uganda (FMU) for promoting sports in the country.

He also thanked the organizers for choosing to appreciate the armed forces and pledged full support of event.

“Uganda is a potential sports country and everywhere we are going these days we are lifted high, we have injected a lot of money and we shall continue injecting more in sports to support this potential” Bakabulindi said.

Col. Paddy Akunda greets Barak Orland as Vision Group CEO Robert Kabushenga (C) looks on. PHOTO BY JOHNSON WERE

On behalf of the Chief of Defence Forces General David Muhoozi and the entire UPDF fraternity, Col Paddy Ankunda, the UPDF’s Director of Strategic Communication and Defence Engagement expressed gratitude to the FMU for choosing to reward the Armed forces with such an activity that is going to attract the world’s attention.

“When peace and security prevails, they unlock the potential to do several development activities including is sports that has no boundaries and has done a lot to unite Ugandans,” Col Ankunda said.

State Minister for Sports Charles Bakabulindi address the media at the Launch of the Armed Forces at Kololo.

 “We as forces are much humbled by this initiative and we shall accord all the support we have to make it successful and also fully participate.” He added.

FMU president Dusman Okee thanked UPDF for having been the vanguard of most activities taking place in the country.

“You have provided an enabling and secure environment for such international events in Uganda, you must be appreciated and please keep it up,” Okee noted.

Parent riders addressing the media at the launch of the Armed Forces. at kololo Air strip.

Vision group CEO Robert Kabushenga said that Vision Group is committed on promoting sports and will fully promote and telecast the Armed Forces championship.

“We as Vision Group shall fully promote this activities and will be fully telecasted live to World on October 6,” Kabushenga stressed.


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