By Mubarak Kasule

Youngster Stav Orland is optimistic he will defend his 85 cc title in the FIM Africa Nations Motocross Championships on Saturday and Sunday in Harare.

Stav he is not scared of any rider from South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe when the race gets underway.

“I am fine and ready for any challenger who dares me.I have been practicing so hard in Busiika and I believe that my challengers will remain wondering what I have been doing since last year,” He said.

The track in Zimbabwe isn’t any different from ours and I can’t wait to get my machine roaring over the two days and trust me, added the 13year –old 2018-USPA motocross rider of the year.

Stav Orland is the fastest 85 cc class rider on the African continent and looks forward to maintain that.

The event at the Donny Brook racing park has South Africa with 42 riders, Uganda 37, Botswana 29, Zambia 24, and Morocco 4 while hosts Zimbabwe will have 59 riders gracing

the event.

Uganda team is supported by Kampala Executive Aviation, Uganda Lodges and Ethiopia’s airlines, Uganda Motocross Arena Busiika.


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