By Kasule Mubarak

Victoria raceway track in Garuga has received a new face lift by German expert Jurgen Kuppers.

Kuppers believes that the track needed to be upgraded to be more challenging for competitors.

” I have designed this track simply to make it more lively for riders,” Kuppers said.

“We want to ensure riders have more challenging tracks to use as they prepare the regional championship in December and as they eye hosting the 2020 FIM Nations of Africa Motocross championship.

“I have made nearly a 70-80 percent changes on the track. It won’t be a fast track but more of a technical track to help riders acquire these skills in the new look” added Jurgen Kuppers.,”

Arthur Blick Jnr, a director of Speedway Motor Sport club, says that the upgrade is timely.

” The changes have been made and no more hoops and triple jumps but rather a fast and tight track,” Noted Blick

We won’t see much of the speeds from the riders but we are certain the change will do more with the brains and steel of the riders” added Blick.

Other than Isma Mukiibi who is already a declared champion in the MX2 Class, the rest will be determined on the final day of the race something that promises to keep fans on their toes as they watch riders battle for Honours.

Speedway Motorsport club will organize the last round of the event which is scheduled for November 24 at Garuga.

Brothers Alestair Blick Jnr and Paddy Blick are expected to make a return as they eye a 2020 competitive calendar having had a silent 2019 year.

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