By our reporter

Semifinal; fixtures Bweyogere

Pirates v Heathens,2pm

Kobs v Mongers ,4:30pm

Rugby Quarterfinal results

Mongers 18 Buffaloes 12

Kobs 34 Hippos 3.

Pirates 29 Rhinos 8

Heathens 36 Warriors 0.

The Stanbic Black Pirates eliminated Shell Rhinos from the Uganda Cup with 29=8 defeat to boos a semi-final clash with rivals Hima Cement Heathens on Saturday November 9,2019.

The back-breaking semi-final will be played at 2pm before defending champions Betway Kobs take on stubborn Plascon Mongers at 4.30pm with both games at kings Park Bweyogerere.

Pirates who lost to Heathens home and away in the Nile Special premier Rugby will be out avenge the defeats and that is what makes this game a bruising fixture.

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