By USPA Team

Key Highlights are

Capacity building

-Commercialisation of the sport

-Empowering office bearers

-Mass participation in primary schools

-Improved communication & visibility

The 2020-2024 promises to be a busy period for the Uganda Rugby Union (URU) that has launched a four year strategic plan to ensure the development of the sport.

Uganda Rugby Union Secretary Peter Odong look on as URU President Godwin Kayangwe (L) hands over the 2020-2024 Strategic Plan to CEO Ramsey Olinga at the Uganda Olympic committtee on Tuesday November 19,2019. Virgin Images

URU in the Strategic plan has all their focus on primary schools participation to grow the number of participation as a target of 100,000 participants a year in their mind.

These will also be catered for by increasing the number Secondary schools, Tertiary institutions and universities playing the sport.

Communication and visibility remains a priority in the four years development plan and capacity building where office bearers and volunteers have to be trained to suit the required standards.

“When you think of increasing numbers, you must have plans of retention and those are tertiary and universities, because we have so many good players who disappear after finishing high school,” Kayangwe noted.

“We are looking at commercialising the sport and improving on our products both in the 15s and 7s version of the sport,” he added.

URU secretary Peter Odong emphasised improving on the welfare of the staff both permanent and volunteers so that they commit their services to the sport.


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