By USPA Media

As rehearsals for Nile Special /USPA Gala and USPA @50 celebrations next year, USPA executive has started throwing surprising birth day parties to its members.

Leon Ssenyange, Francisco Bwambale and assistant secretary Irene Deborah Nanyonjo are some of the members that enjoyed the party.

On Monday during the monthly meeting where USPA voted Africa World Boxing Federation (WBF) Heavy weight Champion Shafik Kiwanuka Sports Personality for the month of November, USPA surprised Nanyonjo with birthday and a graduation cake at Grand imperial hotel.

“We decided to celebrate memorable events with our members and that is why we shall be celebrating birthdays of our members,” USPA president Patrick Kanyomozi said.

“It is a motivation and one way of bonding and maintaining friendship as members of USPA family and we are coming up other innovations soon,.” Kanyomozi added.


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