By USPA Media

Former leader of opposition in Uganda Parliament Winnie Kiiza has urged government to increase on its funding of the sports sector.

Kiiza made the appeal on Thursday after her side beat Kenya 53-23 in the netball game during the ongoing East Africa Community Inter-Parliament Games in Kampala.

Uganda Parliament Netball team skipper Winnie Kiiza joined by teammates and fans to celebrate Uganda’s 53-23 victory over Kenya in Netball on thursday. PHOTO BY JOHNSON WERE

Kiiza said that besides sports occupying the youth, it creates jobs for them and also promotes tourism in the country which adds value to the economy.

“Our participation in sports at this age is a sign to our children that they should develop their talents. We are living by example, but most important is that we are promoting tourism using sports because there are so many MPS from other countries who did not know Uganda before.” Kiiza noted. 

Uganda continues to dominate the games and on Friday at Namboole Uganda beat Burundi, Tanzania and EALA in the women tag of war category.

This followed Uganda’s victory in netball and football against Kenya on Thursday in Lugogo. 

Kenya seems to dominate the athletics category as they won most of the event but Uganda was consistent in winning the second and third positions during the competitions held at Mandela National Stadium Namboole.

In the 1500m honourable Julius Acom was unbeatable, while Mbwatekamwa finished third in the 100m. 


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