By USPA Media

Legislator Samuel Odonga Otto, may be super in politics which explains his long stay in Parliament, but needs some classes to match the pool boys on the table.

Lydia Ayebasizibwe in action. PHOTO BY Virgin Images

The Member of Parliament for Aruu County Constituency in Pader District, in the Northern Region of that county was on Saturday beaten 4-1 in the round of 64 of the New Year’s Kampala Open Pool tournament.

Otto put up a spirited fight but he could not manage the charged Vicent Ssekibule who is targeting the sh2m cash prize for the winner.

Fans who turned up for the event at night including former chairman Bob Trubbish. PHOTO BY Virgin Images

After the game Otto said, “He was lucky, I just made a few mistakes and he took the day but I could have beaten him.”

The 43-year-old, is a true a sportsman who sacrifices his time to interact with the youth even late in the night at sports events which explains why he has represented his constituency since 2001.

In the players who were eliminated Sula Matovu beat Yuda Ssembuusi while Ssejenmba aka Mayweather was beaten by ceasor Chandiga,

In the ladies’ category, Lydia Ayebazibwe, Rhoda Nakaweesi and Justin Nampebwa were all eliminated.

Action continues today with the Quarters and finals in the men and Ladies’ categories respectively.


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