Government loud NSSF, USPA

By USPA Media

National Council of Sports (NCS) chairman Bosco Onyik has lauded NSSF for being one of the Organisations that has stood out to support Sports.

Onyik appreciated NSSF in speech during the NSSF-USPA Juniors awards ceremony held at Imperial Royale Hotel on Friday January10,2020.

“I have attended this function because USPA is very active, but I want to thank NSSF for the contributions they extend to sports and other organisations should emulate them,” Onyik noted.

NSSF sponsored the 2015, 2016 and 2018 junior awards to a tune of sh10m.

Onyik warns Federations:

He also warned Federations heads who cannot meet 75percent of their budget to quit office and hand it to government.

 “We have got guideline on how to fund federations but they are not active. Why should a federation draw a budget of sh10bn yet they have contributed nothing.” Onyik stated.

“This is not going to work. I’m happy that NSSF is working with USPA and this is what we want,” Onyik added.

The minors were not crowned during the previous Nile Special USPA annual Galas because of the USPA and Nile Special policy of not associating children below 18years with Alcohol.

Notable among those that were crowned are motocross stars Aviv Orland and his sibling Stav Orland, Kirabo Namutebi and Tracy Naluwooza.

The youngsters were awarded as follows, Naluwooza(badminton player),Hassan Ssekanga(cyclist), Rebecca Ssengonzi (female swimmer),Joshua Ekirikubinza (male swimmer) and  Winnie Alaro(female hockey player) were the best junior athletes awarded for 2015.

 Namutebi (swimmer), Nicholas Malani (male swimmer), Doreen Asiimwe (female hockey player),Aviv Orland (motocross rider) and Brian Kasirye (male badminton player) were best players in 2016.

In 2018, Stav Orland (motocross rider), Ambala Atuhaire (male swimmer), Namutebi (swimmer ) and Immaculate Nakisuuyi (female cricketer) were the best.

NSSF Public Relations Manager Victor Karamagi advised players to prepare for the retirement.

“We believe in the future of Ugandan sport and we hope going forward to invest more. We think our sportsmen and women deserve the support so that when they retire they do it comfortably. The career of a sports personality is limited. The question is have you prepared yourself to retire comfortably, “asked Karamagi.

USPA president Patrick Kanyomozi hailed NSSF for coming on board to sponsor these awards while Hadijah  Namanda, Uganda volleyball federation who represented the parents of these athletes advised them to always work harder if they to achieve more in life.

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