By Barbra Namanyi

Motorcycling Association (MAU) and Federation of Motorsport Clubs of Uganda (FMU) meet in the National Council of Sports (NCS) board room today July 13 in a meeting that is expected to harmonise the stand-off between the two bodies.

The two sides developed misunderstandings when the former opted to go independent from the latter saying that Motorcycling is different from motor rallying and each discipline is managed independently worldwide.

“Yes, they are meeting on Monday (July 13) and each side is meant to come with only three officials,” a source at the NCS confirmed the development.

“The meeting is a follow up of the first meeting that was held in March and we expected both sides to be objective and puts the interests of the sport on the forefront” the source added.

In the meeting held in March both parties and the motorcycling clubs (Enduro Uganda, Speedway motorsport Club (SMOC) and Uganda Motocross Club (UMX) were to form a committee to establish MAUs grievances and come up with a report.

The report was meant to give away forward action points for short and long term in a four months’ time.

They also agreed to cease hostilities and exercise maximum attention in the interest of the stakeholders.

MAU is made up of parent riders and riders who are aggrieved with the currently management of motorcycling in the country and in February and march held their events that champion their breakaway.


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