By Barbra Namanyi

Injured motocross rider Jeremiah Mawanda is back in action and promises his opponents a run for their money in the next event.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has had far reaching negative impact on the sports sector, but to athletes who had injuries like Mawanda, the lockdown was a blessing since it gave them time to heal without worries that their colleagues have moved on.

Jeremaih Mawanda in action in Nairobi

The 13-year old motocross rider who fractured his leg during training in March while preparing for the second round of the Motorcycling Association (MAU) Challenge in Busiika has recovered and resumed training promising fireworks in the next event.

“He has recovered and started training. His speeds are much encouraging and he is ready for any challenge,” His father Robert Mawanda said.

Jeremaih Mawanda (L) finished 3rd in the 85cc while Waleed Omar second overall in FIM CAC won by Kenya ‘s Alex Kandie.PHOTO BY Virgin Images

Mawanda a S.1 student of Kitante Hill school will face stiff opposition from top riders Stav Orland, Fortune Sentamu, Kylan Wekesa and the Omar brothers Ali, Wazir and Waleed in the MX125cc class.

“We are working on our fitness levels and basing on what I see in training we are ready for the tough challenge ahead of us,” Mawanda added.

Mawanda riding an 85cc KTM 2019 model bike proved his speed in December 2019 when he settled for a podium in the FIM Central Africa Motocross championship (FIM CAC) in Nairobi at the Jamhuri racing track.


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