By Barbra Namanyi

A consultative meeting held on Sunday August 2,2020 at the Uganda Motorsport Arena in Busiika agreed and resolved that there is no returning to Motorsport governing body (Federation of Motorsport Clubs of Uganda).

MAU members during the consultation meeting.Virgin Images

A large section of the parent riders and riders in December 2020 in decided to form another body called Motorcycling Association (MAU) to manage the sport in the country, a move the motorsport governing body objected to.

These prompted wrangles between the two bodies with FMU invoking licenses of those riders whose parents are in MAU so that they can not ride in international events.

It further went on to stop the MAU event that was in Febuary but all in vain and these moves worsened the relationship between the two parties prompting the sports regulating body National Council of Sports (NCS) to intervene.

MAU members during the consultation meeting.Virgin Images

The two parties have met twice with the latest being last month July 13 ,2020 at the NCS offices in Lugogo.

The meeting bore no fruit with MAU officials requesting for time to consult their members.

Now in the meeting held the members unanimously demanded for autonomy from FMU.

Now the members took a unanimous decision in their consultative meeting held at Uganda Motorsport Arena in Busiika on Sunday to attain autonomy from FMU.

MAU officials consult each other during the consultative meeting held in Busiika. PHOTO BY Virgin Images

“I think we have no business with FMU. The president while on FUFA FM radio said that they will train their riders so let them do so. For us we want our independence,” Paul Mutesasira said.

The members accused FMU officials of fronting power and business instead of the future of motorcycling.

MAU members during the consultation meeting.Virgin Images

“We are not interested in any point FMU is claiming to give us. As riders we want to see that we shine on the international level and create opportunities for children,” Mutesasira added.

Riders and riders parent threatened to switch off their engines and stop riding if their officials accepted being under FMU.

Peter Ndiwalana MAU spokesperson said they will write back to NCS as their members decided.


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