By USPA Media

Construction of the Busiika Double Circuit Track has been completed and it is now ready for use.

On Sunday August 16,2020 rally drivers Ronald Ssebuguzi, Mark Lubega, Godfrey Lubega aka Tallman and Samuel Watendwa used the track to test their cars and gave it a tick.

“It is very nice; the bridge has been built with concrete and wide enough. I cannot wait racing on this track,” Godfrey Lubega said.

“There are just a few things remaining to put add little soil at the beginning of the jump and also to add in Tyres to separate the two lanes, but otherwise it was superb,” Lubega added.

Godfrey Lubega in action training at Busiika

The track was being redesigned after changing the motocross track so that the two are separate from the other.

Watendwa testing a Subaru Impreza said that he is inching to return the track and he is ready for the challenge.

Samuel Watendwa training.

“We are doing well. We are only praying that government releases us so that we can have at least two events and the season closes.


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