By Uspa media

The boxing fraternity has got the opportunity to reconcile and agree on key issues to present to President Museveni when they meet him before election on January14, 2021.

One of the key issues on top of funding is expected to be the safety and future of boxing.

This is after close to 12 boxers  including former world champion Justin Juuko the destroyer ,Africa champion Mude Ntambi  were arrested by security agencies  in the last two weeks.

National coach Zebra Ssenyange was murdered by security which forced Uganda professional boxing Commission Salim Uhuru to seek an audience from the president and fight for the future of sports.

The question whether Uhuru will meet the President with his Uganda Boxing Federation counterpart Moses Muhangi is not answered, but that would be an ideal solution  to the cold war in the boxing fraternity.

Uhuru believes that its his duty to fight for the sport and protect his athletes.

I’m concerned that the arresting of boxers kills the sport and as a leader I have to find a solution,”Uhuru noted.

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