Government loud NSSF, USPA

Government loud NSSF, USPA

By USPA Media

National Council of Sports (NCS) chairman Bosco Onyik has lauded NSSF for being one of the Organisations that has stood out to support Sports.

Onyik appreciated NSSF in speech during the NSSF-USPA Juniors awards ceremony held at Imperial Royale Hotel on Friday January10,2020.

“I have attended this function because USPA is very active, but I want to thank NSSF for the contributions they extend to sports and other organisations should emulate them,” Onyik noted.

NSSF sponsored the 2015, 2016 and 2018 junior awards to a tune of sh10m.

Onyik warns Federations:

He also warned Federations heads who cannot meet 75percent of their budget to quit office and hand it to government.

 “We have got guideline on how to fund federations but they are not active. Why should a federation draw a budget of sh10bn yet they have contributed nothing.” Onyik stated.

“This is not going to work. I’m happy that NSSF is working with USPA and this is what we want,” Onyik added.

The minors were not crowned during the previous Nile Special USPA annual Galas because of the USPA and Nile Special policy of not associating children below 18years with Alcohol.

Notable among those that were crowned are motocross stars Aviv Orland and his sibling Stav Orland, Kirabo Namutebi and Tracy Naluwooza.

The youngsters were awarded as follows, Naluwooza(badminton player),Hassan Ssekanga(cyclist), Rebecca Ssengonzi (female swimmer),Joshua Ekirikubinza (male swimmer) and  Winnie Alaro(female hockey player) were the best junior athletes awarded for 2015.

 Namutebi (swimmer), Nicholas Malani (male swimmer), Doreen Asiimwe (female hockey player),Aviv Orland (motocross rider) and Brian Kasirye (male badminton player) were best players in 2016.

In 2018, Stav Orland (motocross rider), Ambala Atuhaire (male swimmer), Namutebi (swimmer ) and Immaculate Nakisuuyi (female cricketer) were the best.

NSSF Public Relations Manager Victor Karamagi advised players to prepare for the retirement.

“We believe in the future of Ugandan sport and we hope going forward to invest more. We think our sportsmen and women deserve the support so that when they retire they do it comfortably. The career of a sports personality is limited. The question is have you prepared yourself to retire comfortably, “asked Karamagi.

USPA president Patrick Kanyomozi hailed NSSF for coming on board to sponsor these awards while Hadijah  Namanda, Uganda volleyball federation who represented the parents of these athletes advised them to always work harder if they to achieve more in life.

NSSF-USPA Juniors awards on

NSSF-USPA Juniors awards on  

By USPA Media

Uganda Sports Press Association will on Friday January 10,2020 crown the best Athletes in the year 2015,2016 and 2018 at the NSSF-USPA Juniors’ Award.

Stav Orland in training. He will be facing challenge from South Africans. PHOTO BY JOHNSON WERE

The third –edition of the minors’ award will take place at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala and NSSF MD is expected to preside over the ceremony.

The minors were not crowned during the previous Nile Special USPA annual Gala because of the USPA and Nile Special policy of not associating children below 18years with Alcohol.

“We are set everything is in place. We are grateful with NSSF coming on board to support our initiative to motivate the young talents,” USPA President Patrick Kanyomozi said.

Notable among those to be crowned are motocross stars Aviv Orland and his sibling Stav Orland who were the best during the FIM Africa Motocross Championship in 2016 and 2018 respectively.

The others are swimmer Kirabo Namutebi.



1.Tracy Naluwooza-Female badminton player

2.Hassan Ssekanga-Cyclist

3.Rebecca Ssengonzi-Female swimmer

4.Joshua Ekirikubinza-Male swimer      

5.Winnie Alaro-Female hockey player


1.Nicholas Malani-Male swimmer

2.Kirabo Namutebi-Female swimmer

3.Doreen Asiimwe-Female hockey

4.Aviv Orland-Motocross rider

5.Brian Kasirye-Male Badminton player

2018 winners

1.Stav Orland-Motocross rider of the year

2.Ambala Atuhaire-Male swimmer of the year

3.Kirabo Namutebi-Female swimmer of the year

MP Otto thrown out

By USPA Media

Legislator Samuel Odonga Otto, may be super in politics which explains his long stay in Parliament, but needs some classes to match the pool boys on the table.

Lydia Ayebasizibwe in action. PHOTO BY Virgin Images

The Member of Parliament for Aruu County Constituency in Pader District, in the Northern Region of that county was on Saturday beaten 4-1 in the round of 64 of the New Year’s Kampala Open Pool tournament.

Otto put up a spirited fight but he could not manage the charged Vicent Ssekibule who is targeting the sh2m cash prize for the winner.

Fans who turned up for the event at night including former chairman Bob Trubbish. PHOTO BY Virgin Images

After the game Otto said, “He was lucky, I just made a few mistakes and he took the day but I could have beaten him.”

The 43-year-old, is a true a sportsman who sacrifices his time to interact with the youth even late in the night at sports events which explains why he has represented his constituency since 2001.

In the players who were eliminated Sula Matovu beat Yuda Ssembuusi while Ssejenmba aka Mayweather was beaten by ceasor Chandiga,

In the ladies’ category, Lydia Ayebazibwe, Rhoda Nakaweesi and Justin Nampebwa were all eliminated.

Action continues today with the Quarters and finals in the men and Ladies’ categories respectively.


Add sports money –Kiiza

By USPA Media

Former leader of opposition in Uganda Parliament Winnie Kiiza has urged government to increase on its funding of the sports sector.

Kiiza made the appeal on Thursday after her side beat Kenya 53-23 in the netball game during the ongoing East Africa Community Inter-Parliament Games in Kampala.

Uganda Parliament Netball team skipper Winnie Kiiza joined by teammates and fans to celebrate Uganda’s 53-23 victory over Kenya in Netball on thursday. PHOTO BY JOHNSON WERE

Kiiza said that besides sports occupying the youth, it creates jobs for them and also promotes tourism in the country which adds value to the economy.

“Our participation in sports at this age is a sign to our children that they should develop their talents. We are living by example, but most important is that we are promoting tourism using sports because there are so many MPS from other countries who did not know Uganda before.” Kiiza noted. 

Uganda continues to dominate the games and on Friday at Namboole Uganda beat Burundi, Tanzania and EALA in the women tag of war category.

This followed Uganda’s victory in netball and football against Kenya on Thursday in Lugogo. 

Kenya seems to dominate the athletics category as they won most of the event but Uganda was consistent in winning the second and third positions during the competitions held at Mandela National Stadium Namboole.

In the 1500m honourable Julius Acom was unbeatable, while Mbwatekamwa finished third in the 100m. 


USPA birthday babies

By USPA Media

As rehearsals for Nile Special /USPA Gala and USPA @50 celebrations next year, USPA executive has started throwing surprising birth day parties to its members.

Leon Ssenyange, Francisco Bwambale and assistant secretary Irene Deborah Nanyonjo are some of the members that enjoyed the party.

On Monday during the monthly meeting where USPA voted Africa World Boxing Federation (WBF) Heavy weight Champion Shafik Kiwanuka Sports Personality for the month of November, USPA surprised Nanyonjo with birthday and a graduation cake at Grand imperial hotel.

“We decided to celebrate memorable events with our members and that is why we shall be celebrating birthdays of our members,” USPA president Patrick Kanyomozi said.

“It is a motivation and one way of bonding and maintaining friendship as members of USPA family and we are coming up other innovations soon,.” Kanyomozi added.


TT umpires passed out

15 table tennis umpires passed out


Eight Countries including Kenya, Tanzania, Djibouti, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somalia, Madagascar, Eriteria and host Uganda will battle it out for the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) East Africa regional Championship on Thursday and Friday.

Some of the Participants in the ITTF Umpiring and referee course shows off their certificates. PHOTO BY JOHNSON WERE

The two-day event started Saturday with an umpire and referee course at Uganda Olympic Committee(UOC) with participants from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

Uganda Table Tennis Federation (UTTF) president Robert Jjagwe lauded National Council of Sports and UOC for the support they offered to make sure that the event is a success.

“We received sh15m from NCS, Sh20m from the International body to organise this event. I thank the two for the support plus UOC who offered the venue for the course,” Jjagwe said.

Fifteen participants attended the course of which 11 were from Uganda, three from Kenya and one from Tanzania.

The course was conducted by ITTF instructor Lanasri saidi from Algeria.

He added they will conduct a trial for the top Uganda players on Wednesday to select the final four athletes to represent Uganda in the regional championship.

NCS general secretary Dr. Patrick Ogwel assured UTTF of government commitment to support any sport that involves the youth.

UOC president William Blick also lauded NCS for the good work in supporting Sports federation that tap talents through the different activities they organise.


Wekesa urges corporates

By Our Media team

Sunday at Kololo

MTN Marathon

As the D –Day to the MTN Marathon on Sunday gets closer, Great Lakes Safari is the latest corporate to join this year’s noble cause.

Great Lakes Safari CEO Amos Wekesa after receiving the Kit for the MTN Marathon.PHOTO BY Virgin Images

Company CEO Amos Wekesa said that his company has been participating in the MTN Marathon since it started, but this year’s cause is a special one because it touches the welfare of mothers and children.

“We have been regular participants every year, but this year we shall also bring our business partners on board because the cause for this year is on mothers and many of our employees are women and mothers,” Wekesa explained.

Great Lakes Safari CEO Amos Wekesa Receives the Kit for the MTN Marathon.PHOTO BY Virgin Images

He received 66Kit for the company staff fro9m MTN marketing officer Barbra Kiwanuka and urged corporate companies to join this cause.

“Without better maternal health care we would not be around and that is why all corporates and the public should join this year’s cause,” Wekesa stressed.

Wekesa however excused himself from the active running because he will be in Garuga with his sons Zion and Kylan Wekesa who will be competing in the final round of the national motocross championship.

These years’ proceeds will go to the improvement of maternal heath care and safety at birth.

Great Lakes Safari CEO Amos Wekesa staff and MTN officials after receiving the Kit for the MTN Marathon.PHOTO BY Virgin Images

MTN Marketing officer Barbra Kiwanuka lauded Great Lakes Safari for the support and urged others to emulate them.

Vision Group, Stanbic Bank, Huawei and Rwenzori Water are some of the events lead partners.